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Guitar Repair Fort Lauderdale

Repair Shop

Maintenance & Repairs

We repair all electronics, amps, mixers, etc. Repad, welding, dent removal, and polishing for wind and brass instruments. We will make yours look and feel brand new!

Guitars, Wind, Brass, Amp & Electronics
Guitar Maintenance Repair

*Parts not included

Most guitar repairs are done on site. Other instruments depending on need may need to be serviced at our affiliate center.

Turn Key Replacement (individual)                             $20.00

Turn Key Replacement  (Set)                                       $65.00

Broken Deposit(depending on damage)                     $10.00

Tuning                          $10.00

Stringing                      $20.00

(strings not included)

Polish                           $10.00

Neck Alignment          $35.00

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