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Recording Studio Fort Lauderdale  Sunrise  Florida


Prestige Music Center provides a conveniently, non-smoking recording facility located near Fort Lauderdale. Here singers, writers, musicians can bring their creative genius to life. We have trainers, engineers and musicians available to help make your music, or just bring your beat and lay down professional sounding vocals in a heartbeat. What is special about recording here is the level of expertise you will receive. Don't waste your money in your buddy's bedroom studio, start selling your music and making money with great quality sound and pro level help.

What can we offer?

  • We offer copyright services

  • Get your music on Itunes, etc.

  • We are associated with major entertainment attorneys and industry players. If you think you got it...we will get you heard!

Studio Rates

$75.00      per hour

$200.00   4 hour block 

$320.00   8 hour block Day Time

$400.00   8 hour block Night Time

Do you teach music production, recording and sequencing?

Yes we do. Learn the basics of digital recording and production from one of our qualified instructors. Learn how to create your own beats, and take your work with you at the end of each lesson.

Check out  some of the artist/students who worked out of our studio.
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